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Pizza Hut launches... the roast dinner pizza

..with red wine-based gravy!

3w ago

Pizza Hut Delivery is gearing up for the summer with a host of delicious Staycation/Vacation-inspired treats: a new dessert, new side and new pizzas including a Roast Dinner Pizza, with red wine gravy, roast beef, sage & onion stuffing, thinly sliced roast potato slices and red onions. Alternatively, you can opt for the Spanish-style Chicken & Chorizo Pizza, topped with Spanish-style paprika chicken and garnished with sliced red onion and smoky chorizo.

The new side gives you some of that Italian summer taste with the brand-new Cheese & Tomato Bites. Italian-style cheese stuffed with herbs and tomato, and wrapped in a crispy breadcrumb crust. I guess this is where I should use some *fake Italiano* phrases and words but I won't do that. No way. Never. Assolutamente no.

As a cherry on top of the cake we have the new Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Cookie Dough Chunks, made from salted caramel - which is about the most mouth-watering contrasting flavour in the world - and chocolate-chip cookie dough.

Pizza Hut UK & Europe Chief Brand Officer Amelia Riba said Pizza Hut Delivery is "thrilled about the launch of the new menu items. With many families across the UK still deciding between a Staycation or Vacation this year, we wanted to offer something for all occasions, by showcasing the best of British as well as offering a taste of abroad by bringing the flavours of the Mediterranean to our menu".

Both the Roast Dinner pizza and Chicken & Chorizo pizza are available as part of Pizza Hut Delivery’s £22 Meal Deal, which includes 2 Large pizzas and a Classic Side. If you just want the pizza (Roast Dinner or Chicken & Chorizo) without the full menu, it'll set you back £13.99.

The Italian-style Cheese & Tomato Bites are £4.99 each, or you can buy them as a £2 upgrade to classic sides within deals. And then lastly, the new Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Cookie Dough chunks are £5.99 but can also be had as part of the £9.99 x2 Frozen Desserts Deal.

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