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Full magazine issue February 2020

1y ago

I would really like to share an interesting in my opinion an English-language magazine about vegan life and living with plants for educational purposes.

I am delighted to learn that such magazines exist. Because in the country in which I live, in Belarus, there is only a newspaper that is printed in Russia in the neighborhood. There are many such magazines in Russia, but in Belarus there are none ... And this is sad.

But while vegan magazines about high life are being printed, about the most important in other countries, I can be calm and happy. The most exciting thing is that in the magazine Plant Base I found many scientific discoveries, product innovations that I never knew about and many exclusive recipes. Now I will know what to look for in the UK ... I hope you will be as enthusiastic about the magazine as I am!

I decided to share this issue with everyone who cares about the situation in the world and their own souls, and with those who are a little interested and who are ready to try something new and unusual! Vegans have something to say!

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