Shaun Lee is the President and Co-Founder of Farmhouse Delivery in Austin, Texas. Farmhouse Delivery is a food delivery service that offers a wide range produce, meats, and meal kits to their customers. Farmhouse currently focuses their efforts on the Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Waco markets with hopes to grow across the Lone Star state. In our interview, Shaun will talk to us about the start of Farmhouse, how they partner with local farmers, how they come up with recipes for meal kits, and much more! Check out the interview at: iTunes

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Show Highlights:

Start of Farmhouse Delivery

Farmhouses 3 types of deliveries

Making food from local farmers more accessible

Food Delivery Kits

How to ship food across the country

Working with local farmers

Maintaining food quality

Food standards

Sustainable Farming/Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Farming

Certified Organic

Free Range beef

Merging with Truckin’ Tomato

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