Podcast Ep. 36: Butterball – A Thanksgiving Special

Farm Traveler Podcast Ep: 36

2y ago

There is a high chance you will be eating some turkey on Thanksgiving day. 

And there is also a pretty high chance that turkey is produced from our guest today: Butterball! 

We have the pleasure of interviewing two people that work at Butterball: Rebecca Welch, senior brand manager; and Wellie Jackson, a Butterball contract grower. Rebecca talks to us about the history of Butterball, the Turkey Talk-Line and much more.  Wellie explains what it's like to be a contract grower, the process of raising turkeys, misconceptions, and some great Thanksgiving cooking advice.

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Thanks to Butterball for being on this Thanksgiving episode! And thank you to all our listeners, we are so glad you're here and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Connect with Butterball:

Butterball Website // Turkey Talk-Line: 1-800-Butterball

Show Highlights:

. History of Butterball

. Preparing for the Thanksgiving rush of Turkey

. Funny stories from the 1-800-Butterball Turkey Talk-Line

. Contract growers for Butterball

. Growing environments for turkeys

. Turkey meat facts

. Misconceptions

. Cooking advice for Thanksgiving

. Thoughts on the farmer/consumer relationship

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