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Poké - the evolution of sashimi

Everyone's obsessed with it, so what is it?

2y ago

Poke, or poké, originated where Japan metaphorically meets Hawaii. It is essentially diced raw fish.

At some point in recent times, while we weren't paying attention, sushi and sashimi suddenly became âgée and were substituted by this. Poke is becoming a 'thing' in Italy, where I live, because huge quantities of it are being consumed in the all-loving, ever-rising and trend-setting city of Milan, the current metronome of Italy.

Photo by Don Daskalo on Unsplash

Photo by Don Daskalo on Unsplash

Poke is now loved by celebrities and celebrity chefs. For years and years we've been trained to sleep less, eat whatever, hustle more. Then thanks to the internet, or because of it depending on your point of view, we've now started realising what everyone is doing around the globe. The modern billionaires wear Crocs and own EVs to "save the world", and now healthy is the new cool.

Poke is sashimi with a bit extra, and truth be told, it is also a lot tastier.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Traditional Poke is made of oily skipjack tuna (aku), or octopus (he'e), but other types of fish like yellowfin tuna or salmon are used too. It is usually served with simple condiments like sea salt, nuts and even seaweed.

All in all, this is simple and down-to-earth and is becoming hugely popular. It's healthy, and it looks good, which obviously helps to appeal to the Instagram (or FoodTribe!) crowd. I'm always wary and annoyed when this happens because I believe that food is, first and foremost, sustenance.

Having said that, when all is said and done, the only thing that matters is actual, detectable quality. And Poke is pretty good.

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