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44w ago


Poll: How long does a bottle of hot sauce last?
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • More than one year
  • Depends on the size of the bottle which I will detail in comments

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Comments (12)

  • Depends on the flavor profile of the hot sauce itself and how often I have the type of food it goes with.

      10 months ago
  • I don’t use it so it will last a year lmao

      10 months ago
  • It depends on the size of the bottle, how often we/I have certain meals/dishes and what sauce we have at the time. We keep Frank's on hand but we usually have both mild and medium salsa/picante and others like a hot mango or guava sauce as well.

      10 months ago
  • I buy the giant bottle (over 1L size) so it lasts our family about 6 months. The sriracha though...a large bottle every month or so.

      9 months ago
  • Bottle of Flying goose sriracha 730ml, 3 months. By myself, my husband doesn't eat spicy foods. I had to limit spicy foods a bit few years ago for medical reasons.. this is ok for me. But to never eat spicy again would be one of the worst things in my life πŸ™€

      10 months ago