Popcorn saves the film industry? This Brighton cinema is giving it a go

Food is so interwoven with life and culture that when I think of films, I immediately think of popcorn

1y ago

Ok so here is the background to this: my friend who lives in Brighton took me to a pop up cinema night. The White Wall Cinema is a pop up cinema project that keeps classic, cult interesting, unusual, and overlooked film alive in the city. It was the best night out I've had in years... anyway I digress.

It is the only alternative to chain-owned cinemas in Brighton, and as a result of the current situation they are seriously under threat

So cut to last week and on Channel Four they mentioned they were doing a home service of personalising a film for you and delivering it to your door complete with popcorn – and it turns out it's my favourite make: Joe & Sephs.

After the film, when you are stuffed with popcorn, you can have an online personal discussion where an expert can give you insights into the film’s history and meaning. It costs just Β£22.

So having written an article this week about dining in and creating a theme, I thought I should mention this one.

Make yourself some hotdogs, dress up and make believe you are really there at the cinema again. Or play it in the car, and have a drive through cinema experience.

Also take a look at my previous article on how to make popcorn at home.

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  • One of our theatres is taking orders for popcorn and cotton candy carry out! $10 (3 tub equivalent) and $5 cotton candy!

      1 year ago
    • OOh cotton candy - we call it candyfloss in the UK I haven't had that for years - love it

        1 year ago