Popeyes is looking for musicians to play its jingle

The chicken spot is helping musicians who might have been affected by COVID-19

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1y ago

Like workers in the food industry, musicians have also been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Popeyes is lending a helping hand to musicians whose ability to play publicly might have been affected by the crisis.

The much-loved chicken spot has launched a new marketing campaign giving musicians the chance to record their instantly recognizable “Love That Chicken” jingle.

The campaign kicked off in Popeyes’ home city of New Orleans, when the company took out an ad in The Times-Picayune newspaper which featured the sheet music for the tune.

The ad read, “Can’t play music in the streets? We’re hiring local NOLA musicians to play this jingle in our ads. Apply by posting your video demo using #LoveThatJingle.”

“After the reaction in their hometown, the brand decided this movement should reach far beyond NOLA to support musicians and Popeyes fans across the country,” a company spokesperson stated, according to Food and Wine.

Now, anyone in the US can apply to play the jingle via social media. The Love That Jingle website explains, “No way to make money playing music these days? We know times are tough and venues are closed. So we have a new venue for you to play. Our ads. We’re hiring musicians to play our jingle in our ads. Submit by posting your video demo using #LoveThatJingle.”

Pros and amateurs alike are encouraged to apply. You have until May 18 to submit your demo, and winning musicians will be notified by May 25.

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