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Pork and cranberry pie

Perfect for a brisk November(???) morning.

1y ago

When chatting with friends on travelling out to the countryside that surrounds the city in which I live, there's a common topic that arises. That of the "amazing" bakery in some secluded township.

I don't put "amazing" in quotations there for some kind of sarcastic flip, as if to suggest the opposite is true, but more to emphasise the breathless enthusiasm that friends exude when they describe said bakery. It's the kind of appreciation that can only be really described as "Emma Stone at the Lobster Shack."


It seems that everyone I speak with has a favourite country bakery. I confess to not really wanting to outline which one is my particular favourite, mostly because I anticipate it changing upon every country trip that I make. On this occasion, I will mention the produce of a small bakery in the town of Mount Pleasant, South Australia.

For the purposes of being honest, I have a stake in mentioning this town - I spent of portion of time as a kid growing up in this town. Attempting to grow up, at least.

The subject of which is the Pork and Cranberry pie you see pictured. Lovely pastry, as you can see, with a flourish on the top to signify the innards. I'll spare you the flowery language to describe the pie, as I think an image would probably best summarise.

It's hardly an appetising photo, I admit, but the strands of pork were such a welcome surprise from my expected mince, I decided I had to take a photo of the mess I'd made. The cranberry was quite subtle, perhaps a little too sophisticated for my layman's palete.

I had originally sought this specific bakery's lamb, rosemary and port pie, but sadly one was not available. I must get there earlier...

With this example I present, it features wonderfully flakey pastry with tender filling, and when eaten alongside a warm coffee on what was an unseasonably cold November morning, it was the perfect break from my morning drive, and my escape from the city.

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  • I’ve never had pork and cranberry pie, I need to try it. Welcome to FoodTribe Andy!

      1 year ago