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Potato unicorns bring magic to your dinner

W​ho doesn't love a unicorn? Now you can finish the day with a plate full of them

1y ago

People really can't get enough of unicorns. Everywhere you look there are clothes, toys, stickers, unicorn poo bath bombs, mystical unicorn sparkly gin liqueur... If you can think of a product, there is likely to be a unicorn version of it.

Now, you can even have unicorns for dinner.

Iceland is ready to furnish your evening meal with a touch of magic. Yes, Iceland is now selling Potato Unicorns, in partnership with McCain. And at £1 per bag, it's making sure we can all have them.

F​or that extra unicorn hit, you can couple your potato shapes with Bernard Matthews' Unicorn turkey dippers. And if you're an absolute unicorn aficionado, you can finish things off with some strawberry and candyfloss flavoured unicorn ice cream...!

I​ want to say this will keep the kids satisfied, but I think we all know they're for us...

Just to ensure it's the one-stop-shop for all your unicorn needs, Iceland will also sell you company in the shape of this massive plush unicorn. Just don't show him your dinner!

Cutie patootie

Cutie patootie

What unicorn food do you fancy trying and are you going to give these a go?

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