Potless Pod Noodles are here to prove absolutely nothing is sacred

Is it still a Pot Noodle if there's no pot? If a Pot Noodle falls in a forest and there's no pot, does it still make a noodle?

Tim Rodie posted in Pasta
29w ago

The geniuses behind dehydrated potted noodles, Pot Noodle, have just released a version of the popular British snack that, erm, doesn't have a pot.

Instead of calling it 'bag pasta', they've gone with 'Lost the Pot Noodle', which sounds like a weird culinary spin-off of hit TV show Lost. Except these edible things probably don't leave a nasty taste in your mouth for several years.

Available in roast chicken, curry and sweet chilli flavours, these potless wonders do away with our all-time-favourite chicken and mushroom flavour as well as the pot. They're clearly designed to be used like Super Noodles – whizzed up in a saucepan of boiling water and eaten alone, or as the base for delicious homemade ramen. The company says they're a more eco-friendly product, simply because you don't have the pot to recycle.

The kind noodle conglomerate has seen fit to offer these packets of noodly joy to us mortals at a price of just 80p (they're 50p as an introductory offer) – making them cheaper than the ones with pots, whatever they're called – they're dead to us now.

You can buy them in Asda supermarkets in the UK. Please tell us if you've tried them – we can't wait to get our hands on same and see if they're viable targets for pimping on the FoodTribe YouTube channel.

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