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Poutine - A simple creation that is delicious

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If you ever are in Montréal, Canada go to a restaurant/eating house on the corner of Place Jacques-Cartier and Rue de la Commune E called Brasserie 321 (on Google Maps its shows as La Grande Terrasse - old name), the food is good, service is a slightly slow yet it is good. There is always a crowd - explains the slightly slow service. The prices are on par with the rest of the town.

Ok it was delicious and I had already dug into it.

On their menu are a few Poutine dishes. The best is their smoked meat poutine. It is created with addition of French fries, gravy, cheese (allow it to melt on the fries and gravy) and smoked meat - simple, delicious and filling. You will leave Brasserie 321 with a smile on your face. Could anything be better?

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