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Pret's chocolate chip cookies recipe is here

Shut shops should provide no barrier between your taste buds and unparalleled delight

40w ago

It turns out that the strength of combined populations is overwhelmingly powerful and that the resistance of giant food companies is pitifully weak; the secrets of legendary products are now more commonplace than pots of gold at the end of rainbows.

Not only has Greggs announced its recipe for making home-grown sausage, cheese and beans melts, but McDonald’s has published methods for cooking its breakfast items (surely you just stick a plastic bag in a frying pan? Doesn’t seem too difficult to me). So, that’s the starter and mains courses figured out, but what about dessert?

Well, for that we now have Pret’s chocolate chip cookies!

The coffee chain has launched its #PretRecipeBook campaign, which has seen recipes for many of the firm’s most popular treats unveiled to the world. Quite what Pret is going to do once the lockdown ends and no one visits its shops because they’re all cooking things at home is anyone’s guess.

Regardless, the recipe is here:

Social media users have been showcasing their sweet attempts:

The recipe for the cookies has been posted onto Pret's website so that it will be eternally available for you to bake billions of biscuits and consume them off a conveyor belt of sugar during the long lockdown days.

Please could someone let me know when KFC starts releasing recipes? I'll need a bit of time to convert my whole house into a fryer.

Will you be making Pret's chocolate chip cookies?

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