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'Priceless' wine treasure discovered inside former Greek Royal residence

Over 4,000 bottles of wine and other spirits have been retrieved

2w ago

Lina Mendoni, incumbent Hellenic (Greek) Minister of Culture, has recently announced an "historically significant" find at Tatoi Palace, the former summer residence of the Greek royal family, located around 17 miles from the capital Athens.

The 'find' in question consists of over 4,000 bottles of wine, spirits and soft drinks formerly owned by Greek royals, among which we find bottles of Château Margaux, Château de Vincennes and Château Mouton Rothschild; bottles of Chivas whisky made to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation as well as cans of soft drink. Greek authorities say there are still 300 cases to open so who knows what else they'll find.

The Greek government hired Achaia Claus winery, one of the oldest wineries in Greece (1861), to help catalogue the bottles they find. "The Tatoi wine and spirits collection, in addition to its significant collector value, is also of great scientific and research interest,” said Mendoni. "Our goal is [to add some of the bottles we found on display], upon completion of the restoration work and the transition of the palace building into a museum".

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  • this has you all over it 😀

      17 days ago
    • Yeah I read it half an hour ago and I was thinking of “I drank a royal wine and I did(n’t) like it” 😂🤣🍷

        17 days ago
    • I let you know as soon as I knew 🤣

      To posh? 😀

        17 days ago
  • Yamas! 😊

      17 days ago
  • That sounds magnificent! Are they going to publish catalogue? I'd love to see what's there!

      16 days ago
  • No ouzo?

      15 days ago