Pringles changed their logo for the first time in 20 years, what do we think?

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Snack brand Pringles have changed their ‘moustachioed’ mascot for the first time in 20 years, giving it a more modern, digital-friendly look with black moustache, no hair and more pronounced eyebrows. They’ve also changed the shape of the iconic paper can and the font of the logo.

The new logo was launched in the U.S. a few months ago, and the reason why Pringles waited until now to update the UK logo is they wanted it to coincide with the brand’s 30th anniversary in the UK.

The original Pringles mascot - dubbed ‘Mr. P’ - was designed by Arch Drummond in New York in 1967 and it contributed to the success of the brand because it’s so iconic, and it definitely makes the can stand out when you’re aimlessly wandering in the aisles of a supermarket.

Pringles have changed Mr. P’s design six times throughout the brand’s history, and they’ve released over 100 different flavours including some unusual ones, such as Pigs in Blankets, Sweet Cinnamon and Mint Choc.

Would you like to guess the UK’s favourite flavour? Give yourself a round of applause if you said Sour Cream and Onion because that’s exactly it, followed by the Original flavour, Texas BBQ, Salt and Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail.

“After being Pringles’ loyal mascot for many years, Mr. P has had a well-deserved makeover, in what is his boldest look yet,“ said Pringles UK Brand Manager Florence Kayll. “Mr. P’s hair may now be gone but he’s looking more youthful than ever with striking new eyebrows and his famous, stylish moustache as he celebrates his 30th birthday in the UK.”

What do you think of the new logo?

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