Pringles tubes are now helping the planet

The tyranny of the empty Pringles cans is finally being brought to an end.

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Penguins have a pretty tough time. Because they can only flop about from side to side, their progress through the vastness of Antarctica is about as quick and efficient as riding a space hopper along a motorway.

Things would not be made any easier for the flightless birds if their flippers were saddled with the additional burden of being stuffed into discarded Pringles tubes, just one brand in an enormity of waste that finds itself scattered throughout the oceans like white droplets in a snow globe.

A major factor in this problem is that Pringles tubes are currently about as easy to recycle as a bathtub full of plutonium – gritty, dark Nordic crime dramas are less complicated than trying to dispose of Pringles packaging in an environmentally friendly way. Seemingly aware of this, Kellogg’s – Pringles’ parent company – has decided to clamp down on the pressures it is inflicting on ecosystems by overhauling the iconic Pringles tins.

The company is trialling a new alternative to the recycling nightmare that makes up its current Pringles tubes by switching to a design that is 90% paper (the other 10% will be a plastic seal that prevents the crunchy crisps from becoming damp). It has also announced two variants of lids (one plastic, the other paper), both of which will be recyclable. If the trials are successful, Kellogg’s plans to launch the new containers across Europe.

Kellogg’s has pledged to make sure all of its packaging in its products is fully recyclable by the end of 2025, so overcoming the mighty challenge of the disastrous Pringles tin is a significant step forward (apparently, the revolution of our moustached hero has involved twelve years of intensive development).

Thanks to practical steps to protect the environment from further rampant human abuse, civilisations of the future may not be constructed entirely from empty Pringles tubes.

What’s your favourite Pringles flavour?

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  • Finalllyyyyyy...! This is the news I needed.

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  • Really nice..onion with sour cream definetly my favourite

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