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Drinks brought to you by
- M​ionetto Prosecco

Prosecco is the unsung hero of the barbecue – here's all the reasons why

M​ove over beer, all drinks will be Italian and sparkling at your next garden soiree

Judy Cogan posted in Drinks
2w ago

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Believe us when we say, one day in the not too distant future, we'll look back fondly on the hazy sun-baked afternoons spent with friends at barbecues and say: 'remember when we only used to drink beer with our burgers?' Cue a chorus of uncontrollable laughter. How silly we once were!

For far too long, beer has hogged the limelight as the barbecue beverage of choice. We can't deny it's cool refreshing qualities. It's just this year, it's time for those craft ales and lagers to hop (yes, hop) to one side, and let Prosecco shine.

Why not pop bottles of Prosecco in all its Italian sparkling glory at your next summer soiree? And what better time to drink it in the garden, than during National Barbecue Week (from now until Sunday 18 July). All you have to do is fire up the coals and chill a few bottles of the good stuff. We recommend Mionetto ​Prosecco, FYI.

M​ionetto Prosecco

M​ionetto Prosecco

The origins of Prosecco date back as far as the Roman times in Italy and the first written mention of the drink was recorded to be penned in 1754. Mionetto, with a century-old history, is one of the most respected Italian wineries, known globally for its consistently fine Prosecco production.

Mionetto Orange Label, part of the brand's iconic Prestige collection, offers fruity and fresh aromas, a lightness of bubbles and let's face it, will make you look pretty chic too. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why Prosecco deserves some red hot barbecue love.

1. Prosecco and grills go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong

Unsplashed by Manuel Silva

Unsplashed by Manuel Silva

Roast beef, steak, burgers… when it comes to red meat, most people are adamant about pairing it with red wine or a malty ale in a barbecue situation. Not to say you're doing it wrong, but you are.

Think about it, we've all eaten a spicy sausage too many and felt that sluggish bloat in the sunshine. A sip of Prosecco with its ever-so-slightly prickly fizz and fresh acidity will leave you feeling fresh mouthed and ready for a bite of burger, a slice of steak, or two marinated chicken kebabs. Whatever works for you.

The land of Valdobbiadene, where Mionetto is produced

The land of Valdobbiadene, where Mionetto is produced

2​. Prosecco is light like a butterfly

Prosecco is light enough to wash your palate clean and quench your afternoon thirst all at once. Mionetto Orange Label contains 11% alcohol per 75cl bottle, a lower booze content than most wines nowadays, which means it's the ideal tipple to sip during the sunny days and balmy evenings. No sleepy slouches for you.

Prosecco is a quintessentially Italian tipple, but it’s become somewhat of a British institution over the last few years – remember when a shortage was declared in early 2018? Shudder. Also, according to wine experts Mionetto, ‘Prosecco o’clock’ is fully a thing in the UK (that’s 6:58 pm every Saturday, FYI). Right on barbe-cue!



3​. Never tasted Rosé Prosecco? Now's your chance

The latest addition to Mionetto's range of Prosecco, is the rosé version, a fresh and delicate wine that has an elegant bouquet of pink peach that combines with small red fruits and grapefruit flavours. Surely this is just summer in your mouth? Burgers or not, we're never averse to a 'rosé all day' approach to a sunny weekend.

4​. Turn up to a barbecue with a 'spritz kit' and make new friends instantly

It's likely your host (if you are the guest) will be chained to the barbecue grill, or busy topping up the potato salads. Wouldn't it be lovely of you to show up, not with a six pack of beer (we've been through this), but with a bottle of Aperol; two bottles of Prosecco, and two oranges AKA your ultimate spritz kit. Allow us to explain.

At a barbecue you never want to be measuring out spirits or any of that faff. This spritz (and there are plenty of variations: swap Aperol for gin for example, has two ingredients poured in together (add a bit of soda water to make a low-octane cocktail), and it is just impossible not to love it, or to love you for bringing it. Ahh pure summer bliss.

5​. You can play Prosecco pong if things get really silly

Beer pong is out, of course! Prosecco pong is in. It's an easy way to get the party fizzing and it's a totally adult and sophisticated activity because it's Prosecco we're serving up, not warm flat beer.

All you need to do is grab a bottle of Prosecco, fill up some (perhaps plastic) flutes or coupe glasses, stretch out those arms and chuck that ping pong ball across the table or lawn (depending on how adventurous you feel) like the party depends on it. Watch things liven up quickly. Can you imagine Champagne being this fun? No, we can't either.

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  • We find Prosecco very dolce (sweet), rather than secco (dry)! Yes, some Champagnes can be sweet, like Joseph Perrier Demi-Sec or G. Mumms, but in Champagnes sweetness is not-in-your-face, while some Proseccos can be almost sugary sweet.

      18 days ago
    • Interesting. I've personally not found too many sweet Proseccos - perhaps I need to explore more.

        17 days ago
  • Prosecco is an unsung hero at everything.

      19 days ago