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Push action whisk: The basic gadget we didn't know we needed

The confusing gift that's now a firm favourite, here's why you'll want one

1y ago

You know those times where someone gives you something and you say, "thank you very much". You smile, you look grateful, but inside you're wondering what sort of message you're sending out to the world that suggests you would want or need the item you're being given? This was one of those items for me – initially.

It wasn't a gift, just something my Mum thought would be useful in the new house. She had gotten one and found it useful, so she got us one too. It's a whisk. But it's not a regular manual whisk or an electric whisk, it's somewhere in between.

We have an electric whisk but it lives in the midst of the madness that is the baking cupboard, so it only comes out when we have a big cake or something on the go. Things like scrambled eggs, or Angel Delight (do not judge, it's an amazing childhood flashback and we love it) are normally vigorously seen to with a fork.

So, we gave it a shot. While I'm not going to tell you it's revolutionised the way we enjoy food, it's a really nifty little gadget. For the jobs that aren't really big enough to warrant getting the electric whisk out, it's far less effort than beating things into submission with a fork. I'd say it's less effort than a manual whisk, too.

Scrambled eggs are the perfect consistency in no time at all, and the volume you can get from Angel Delight, or even just whipping cream or custard, is really impressive! I'm also told –although have not tried myself – that it will froth up milk for coffee, too. There is really no reason to have a manual whisk while this is out there. It even takes up less space.

So, we didn't know we needed it and were laughingly sceptical about it, but we use it all the time.

The downsides?

You do look a bit silly using it. But, you know what? That just gives those around you something to laugh about while they wait on what you're making. Surely there's nothing wrong with that.

Ok I want one...

Great, here you go.

whisk action

Metaltex Push-Action Rotating Stainless Steel Whisk

Whisk it, whisk it real good.

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Look at it go! Demonstrated by my other half, Chef Stuart!

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Comments (3)

  • I needed this yesterday. I had another 'bah, I'm not getting a beater; I'll use a fork' moment. My hand is still a bit sore.

      1 year ago
  • I bet that would be useful.

      1 year ago