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Put the kettle on: FoodTribe’s 2020 best kettle guide

Let us help make your perfect brew with our best kettle guide

1y ago

Us Brits love a good brew. In fact, we drink more than 60 billion cups of tea a year, so it's barely an exaggeration to say that the kettle is one of the most important tools in British life. To help you find your perfect cuppa companion, we’ve whittled down the best kettles available on the market today. Thank us later over a brew and a digestive.

The modern one: Breville Impressions Electric Kettle

While plastic is a very practical material for kettles, it can sometimes run the risk of looking cheap. Luckily, that’s not the case with the ribbed plastic texture of the Breville Impressions, which looks attractive, modern, and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. The kettle is lightweight at 900g, and its stylish design is complemented with a power switch that lights up blue (as does the water level indicator). The only quibble we have with this kettle is the lid, as it needs to be pulled off by hand – meaning you’ll invariably fill from the spout. But if that doesn’t bother you too much, all in all you’ve found yourself a well-designed, functional kettle.

The modern one

Breville Impressions Electric Kettle

Made of plastic, but looks fantastic.

The fast-boiling one: Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle

This Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle is one of few contemporary-styled kettles on our list. If you have more of a modern kitchen than a farmhouse-style one, you might want to take a look at this sleek, glossy black plastic kettle, which is packed with the functional, handy features you'd expect from Russell Hobbs. With a 1.7 litre capacity jug, it’s big enough to make up to six cups, making it an ideal choice for family homes. It also features rapid boil for when you don’t want the mother-in-law overstaying her welcome any more than necessary.

The fast-boiling one

Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle

Quick, slick, and operated with a click.

The illuminating one: Russell Hobbs Illuminating Glass Kettle

Appliances don’t have to be dull, run-of-the-mill additions to the countertop. Just look at Russell Hobbs’ Illuminating Kettle for proof! Glass kettles have been quite popular on the market over the last few months, and this one's guaranteed to keep the kids entertained with its blue illuminating light. When you manage to get that bit of peace and quiet for a cuppa, there’s a great one-cup function that allows you to save on energy and water. Just keep in mind that the glass design isn't ideal for those who live in regions with hard water, as it'll require regular descaling to keep it looking nice and clean. Overall, though, this is a great kettle for large or small families.

The illuminating one

Russell Hobbs Illuminating Glass Kettle

Part kettle, part mesmerising lava lamp.

The instant one: Breville HotCup Water Dispenser

While this HotCup Water Dispenser by Breville may not be the traditional kettle you’re used to, we’ve chosen to add it to our list, as we believe hot water dispensers are some of the most convenient kitchen gadgets you can own nowadays. As the name kind of gives away, these devices give you instant access to hot water, which can be helpful in many ways – such as brewing tea quickly, making instant coffee, and warming baby bottles. The best part is that they’re very economical, not too expensive and not too difficult to operate.

One of the best things about the Breville HotCup is that it actually features a tank with a decent capacity, so you don’t have to keep refilling it after boiling only one mug. This makes it very desirable, as you can keep more hot water at the ready if you’ve got more people requiring some at the same time. As for the power, the product features a hidden 3kW heating element, giving it enough power to heat up 1.5L of water in a matter of seconds.

The instant one

Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser

For when you need boiling water, and you need it RIGHT NOW.

The hob one: Klausberg Hob Kettle

Old-fashioned hob kettles never really disappeared – but for a while they seemed in danger of doing so, as many people switched to plug-in electric kettles. But if you’re the type of person who prefers a vinyl record to a Spotify playlist, here’s something for you. The Klausberg kettle with whistle can deliver hot water with the same kind of speed as electric kettles (and without the wires). This induction kettle is far more than just a pretty face – it’s suitable for all types of cookers: gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and induction, and is made of high quality stainless steel.

The hob one

Klausberg Hob Kettle

For a good old-fashioned cuppa.

The retro one: Russell Hobbs 21673 Retro Kettle

Looking for something retro to add to your old-school kitchen? The Russell Hobbs 21673 retro kettle is available in a selection of colours – and it's even got a vintage-inspired water temperature gauge on the front. While that might not come in useful unless you’re preparing babies' bottles, it still looks really cool. The kettle boils fairly quickly – perfect for those busy mornings when you need a quick cup of coffee to help kick-start your day. One of the best features of this kettle is its ‘Perfect Pour’ spout, which gives a streamlined flow of water straight into your cup with every brew you pour. The only negative is that the lid is a bit of a nightmare to get off, requiring both hands, so you may just end up filling from the spout.

The retro one

Russell Hobbs 21673 Retro Kettle

Boil it like you're back in the day.

The pastel one: Bosch Country Kettle

Opting for a pastel theme in your kitchen? The Country Mint Green Kettle by Bosch brings together old-school cool with modern practicality. This cordless beauty has a striking mint green colour scheme that would add a touch of retro chic to any kitchen. Simple and user-friendly, the kettle automatically switches off when the water has finished boiling or when lifted from its base – and it comes equipped with a locking lid for added protection during operation.

The pastel one

Bosch Country Kettle

Give your minty kitchen some added Bosch.

The perfectionist one: Duronic Electric EK30 Kettle

Us pro tea and coffee drinkers know that coffee and tea is supposed to be made with different temperature water to achieve the best taste. The Duronic EK30 kettle is setting the trend in the eco-style kitchen, allowing you to simmer your water for 30 minutes at exactly the temperature you want for that perfect brew, rather than having to guesstimate when the water is cooled enough to pour into coffee. For all the eco-warriors out there, it’s great that the kettle doesn’t always hit the 100 degree mark when not needed.

The perfectionist one

Duronic Electric EK30 Kettle

Make tea and coffee that's juuuuuuuust right.

The tea-diffusing one: Aicook Electric Kettle

Another glass kettle has made our list – but this one offers something a tad different. In addition to being an electric water boiler, the Aicook Electric Kettle also has a removable tea diffuser inside – a very unique and handy feature for those tea enthusiasts. It also has a funky blue LED light around the base which shuts off once the kettle has boiled. Another thing we really like about this kettle is that near the handle there's a display screen that allows you to control the boiling temperature of the kettle, and it can help maintain the desired heat too.

The tea-diffusing one

Aicook Electric Kettle

Look on as your tea does its diffusion-y thing.

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Comments (7)

  • That Rossel Hobbs one broke down after two months. Now I have a Daewoo kettle and it's great.

      1 year ago
  • I used to buy Russell Hobbs kettles all the time until they started lowering their standards and cheapening out on their designs. They kept breaking on me within months of normal usage. Would not recommend any Russell Hobbs kettles these days!

    Sad to not see any Kenwood kettles make this list as they're super reliable.

      1 year ago
    • We stopped buying RH for that exact reason, then went through a succession of cheap kettles (including a glass one that I accidentally took a tray through), so we're back to Hobbs again.

        1 year ago
  • Stainless steel Ambliano electric Kettle.

      11 months ago
  • I have a kettle made of glass that you put the tea bags in the top compartment and whilst it boils the hot water the tea will come through at the end of boiling when it reaches 100 Celsius Boiling point and it will brew up to 6 cups of tea maximum ( not mugs ) and has settings to choose the tea strength. You can also make coffee but I use a coffee machine for coffee and if I want to boil water for other things I have a separate kettle as I only use the glass kettle for tea. Where did I buy it? It was on offer from the German Discount Chain Aldi here in the United Kingdom. I love it and i love watching it boil because it’s a science watching the water boiling and turning into tea.

      1 year ago
  • I love the pastel one! That color has always been one of my favorite. I need my appliances to match, somewhat

      1 year ago