Quality Street launches first new product line in 85 years, and they're truffles

Quality Street has released a range of exciting new truffles under the name 'Intrigue'.

46w ago

It's been 85 years since Quality Street introduced an entirely new product. Therefore, it's worth paying attention when the legendary Nestle brand goes ahead and releases three.

On the 2nd of March, Quality Street's new truffle range, called 'Intrigue', hit the shelves of Asda and Morrisons. This new product is available in three different flavours, which, unlike 'proper' Quality Streets, come separately packaged.

First, there's the salted caramel. This is, according to Nestle, “the perfect spin on the iconic Mackintosh caramel toffee. This new flavour is sure to be a firm favourite, with a silky-smooth chocolate centre and a milk chocolate coating, dipped in crunchy salted caramel chunks.'

Then, there's orange flavour: “These are bursting full of a tantalising citrus flavour. Inspired by the iconic Orange Cream from the Quality Street tin, this beautifully blended orange truffle is wrapped in a milk chocolate coating and sprinkled with dried orange segments.”

Finally, there's the praline: “These combine flavours from two of the nation’s favourite original Quality Street sweets; The Green Triangle and The Purple One. Discover a smooth praline truffle centre encased in a milk chocolate shell and sprinkled with caramelised hazelnut pieces.”



These delicious new offerings are going for £5 for a 200g packet. This places this amongst the more premium sweet treats on the shelves, but they're surely delicious enough to be worth it.

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