Quarantine cooking: mango chocolate biscuit pudding recipe

Striking deals with mother can have a delicious outcome...

45w ago

My mother can be a brilliant negotiator. As the lockdown continues to strain us by making us do all the household chores, my mother sees this as a clever opportunity to reduce her workload.

Tired of doing most of the chores herself, she proposed a deal to my brother and me yesterday. According to the proposition, if both brothers lent a hand in half the house chores every day, she would come up with a dessert every week.

With our minds polluted with greed and our mouths flooded with drool, we agreed to her request and got on with the domestic work. Only to find we were robbed of our leisure time.

Bothered with that scooped up part? We ate that, of course!

Bothered with that scooped up part? We ate that, of course!

Fortunately, our incentive part of the deal came in just a couple of hours later when we saw this beautiful mango-chocolate-biscuit dessert in front of us. Garnished with cream all around the mango slices sitting on a chocolate layer, my brother and I instantly knew we struck a ‘fruitful’ deal.

The best part was how easy and quick it was to make. Fifteen minutes is all it took her to prepare this dessert (and then close to two hours in the fridge to turn into a freezing dessert).

All in all, this deal turned out to be a dehydrating proposition for us. While we slogged away in the morning and sweated it out, the evening saw the remaining water come out in the form of endless drool, both before and after we had the dessert. After, because we obviously yearned for more.

Do you think this combination would taste good?

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Comments (6)

  • Oh of course this would be an amazing combination! Mango, chocolate, coffee powder 🤤

      10 months ago
    • Just remember to put choco-chip biscuits to make it taste better. Lockdown forced us to use regular biscuits

        10 months ago
    • Noted!

        10 months ago
  • Looks good, easy and it makes happy 😃 that’s good, I’ll try

      10 months ago
    • Yes Birthe! That's the spirit! Do try it and add choco chip biscuits for better taste

        10 months ago