- dry veggie sausage pasta. not great.

Quarantine food: what's the worst thing you've had so far?

If you're not well stocked up, desperation can lead to some pretty uninspiring meals.

44w ago

This whole business of isolating ourselves from the rest of society has thrown a spanner in the culinary works for many. Thanks to these damn hoarders, I was unable to buy any of the usual stuff before locking myself up and throwing away the key. As a result, we've had some pretty drab meals. And a lot of homemade pasta.

The highlights have been a pie accompanied by rice, a disastrously dull mixed vegetable soup and sauceless sausage pasta. How bad are things getting for you? Let me know down below.

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  • Happily, I'm not seeing this yet.

      10 months ago
  • I've run into this issue too - I can't find all that I want. I wanted to use my extended time off at home to bake a whole bunch of things, but ingredients were extremely sparse. There goes my plans of many, many article ideas on here. Worst thing I've eaten was a bowl of potato chips for lunch, which doesn't seem awful, but I wanted a turkey sandwich and realized I hadn't bought deli turkey lol

      10 months ago
  • Weetbix with water.

    It was so boring, I fell asleep over breakfast .

      10 months ago
  • Well it's not bad yet but I'd like to eat something that wasn't rice and beans and KFC at this point

      10 months ago
  • Not too bad yet

      10 months ago