Quarantine survival tips: how get the perfect beer picture using random stuff

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1y ago

Several people in several parts of the globe have waaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands right now. Nothing we can do about that but we can try and liven up our day with random food-related stuff.

So what I thought I'd do is start a series to help us get through this difficult times with super easy 5-step guides on how to complete daily tasks at home. Since we're all stuck at home and we're all cooking, drinking, eating etc all the time, today I want to explain how to create the perfect photo.

Since I'm not very good in the kitchen, I'll just stick to what I know: beer.

Step 1 - pick a beer can or bottle that looks cool and place it somewhere

You can do it in broad daylight or wait for sunset if you want to take pictures in the shade. I've tried both and I still haven't decided which is best.

Step 2 - add random objects you find in your home

Step 3 - add more random stuff

Step 4 - adjust your set by moving, adding or removing objects

Step 5 - take the picture

Now share your pic and wait for the inevitable million-dollar endorsement deals

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