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Quarantine survival tips - how to pour Lambrusco

I know, humour me, please. I'm quarantined and bored.

As you've probably heard, several people in several parts of the globe have waaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands right now. Unfortunately, I'm one of them.

So what I thought I'd do is write this super easy 5-step guide on how to pour yourself a glass of Lambrusco, a relatively sweet and slightly sparkling wine from Emilia Romagna, best served chilled. Sidenote: I'm pretty sure I messed up with the glass selection and should've used a different type of glass but what can I say.

Step 1 - Pick a location

Alright, you can use any place you want to do this. I used the small terrace in my house.

Step 2 - Pour some

Step 3 - keep pouring

Step 4 - pour some more

Step 5 - Enjoy your Lambrusco

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