Quarantine Survival tips - how to safely open a can of beer

I know, humour me, please. I'm quarantined and bored.

1y ago

As you've probably heard, several people in several parts of the globe have waaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands right now. Unfortunately, I'm one of them.

So what I thought I'd do is start a series to help us get through this difficult times with super easy 5-step guides on how to complete daily tasks at home. Actually, this is going to be a 4-step guide but anyway, today I want to explain how to open a can of Estrella, a very popular Spanish beer brand from Barcelona. Sidenote: for the sake of impartiality, other beer brands are available.

Step 1 - Buy a can of beer

This is 50 cl / 17 oz. But you can also get a bigger or smaller can. Whatever takes your fancy.

Step 2 - Make sure you warm up and stretch

Play video

Step 3 - Open the can

Play video

Step 4 - Enjoy your beer

Next up - how to use random stuff to take cool pictures

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Comments (12)

  • With two young boys we are constantly on what we call suicide watch. At any given moment you may stumble upon them trying to land backflips off their bed,. Seeing which chemicals under the sink may make an explosion or any and every other thing you can think of. Now you are right with the heightened sense of safety curtailing extreme behavior is of utmost importance however I've never been particularly worried I may lose my lips to the sharp edges of a beer can. Cheers Allesandro

      1 year ago
    • Yup. I can only speak for myself and talk about what works for me and hopefully it works for other people as well. Having said that, we're bombarded with bad news these days so I guess light humour is the best cure

        1 year ago
    • Keep rolling on the great video post ideas! I love these!

        1 year ago
  • Hahhahaha.... I see that you have dressed up for this video. A scarf, jacket, watch, etc

      1 year ago
    • yes except for the watch. I'm actually always wearing a watch, literally at all times day and night

        1 year ago
    • Are they still going to have that watch event that you planned on going to? Or has that been canceled like the rest of the events?

        1 year ago
  • It looks like you're on a roof, but I gather that it's a patio? lol Cheers to self isolation!

      1 year ago
  • LOL! World's greatest tutorial lesson!

      1 year ago