Quick and simple creamy mushroom and herb chicken over wild grain rice

1y ago
- A simple and quick meal

This was a really good meal. I seasoned the chicken with garlic salt, fresh ground pepper, rosemary and thyme before cooking it in a little olive oil. Once the chicken was done, I removed it from the pan, then I sautéed mushrooms and onion with a little rosemary, thyme, fresh ground pepper and a splash of red wine. Once the liquid in the pan reduced, I added heavy cream and let it cook down until it was thickened. The chicken got mixed back in and it was served over wild grain rice. It was soooooooo good and savory. There was a nice earthiness from the mushrooms; not too strong, just right. The chicken was very tender and flavorful. And the fresh rosemary from my wife's garden really popped in this dish...

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