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Quick & Easy Chicken Curry Recipe for the Freezer

My son is out in the world working every day in challenging times, so I made him this simple curry for the freezer that should remind him of me.

1y ago

As we currently can't be together, I thought I would help my son out by filling his freezer with home cooking because after a very long day at work it would be nice if he came home to a home cooked meal.

Sadly as he doesn't live with me, he can't, so I've cooked a selection of typical midweek quick meals for him to put in the freezer and I thought I would tell you about the most basic curry I make because I hope you will find it useful too.

Easy chicken curry recipe

Fry chopped onions, garlic, ginger and strips of chillies in vegetable oil until golden brown.

Add whole chicken thighs on the bone and fry until brown (it's best to remove the skin).

Pour in a tin of chopped tomatoes.

Prepare a spice mixture: 1 tablespoon ground coriander, 1 tablespoon ground cumin, 1 teaspoon turmeric, 1 teaspoon chilli flakes and ½ teaspoon black cumin seeds.

Add the spices to the pan and stir well.

Cover with water and simmer until the chicken is well cooked.

Here it is: I would have preferred to add some chopped coriander into it at this stage but I don't have any. Salt this dish to taste when it is finished.

What have you been cooking up for the freezer to keep you going?

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  • Mmm looks so noice. Love it!

      1 year ago