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    - I love these little pots!

    Quick Vegan Coconut ice cream recipe

    This is one of my regular go-to recipes when I am running late cooking for a dinner party!

    47w ago


    Yummy and ready to serve....

    Yummy and ready to serve....

    This little Thai style recipe is shockingly simple to make and it's secret lies in the surprise addition of salt. Thai desserts often include salt but in the correct proportions carefully balanced with sugar it really produces a delicious result - if you like salted caramel things you are gonna love this!

    Simply combine a 400ml tin of coconut milk with ½ cup light brown caster sugar and ½ teaspoon of sea salt and stir really well until the sugar has dissolved.

    Put the mixture in a chilled ice cream machine and churn till frozen.

    I love to store it in the freezer in these cute enamel bowls then i can just take them out and hand my guests a plastic serving spoon to serve themselves. Yum...

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    Comments (2)

    • I'm up for it. But I still want my normal bowl of icecream afterwards.

        10 months ago
      • You can make it and keep some in the freezer in small batches - then have your cake and eat it!

          10 months ago