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- I​t is delicious.

Q​uintessential German: I do love me a nice Kasseler Braten

I​t is especially good with Potatoes and Sauerkraut.

W​e Germans do love our Meats. Pork especially seems to be quite Popula, and it is used in many Quintessential Dishes. Like Schnitzel and Bratwurst.

B​ut today, I am going to write about the humble Kasseler Braten. That Stuff is made by curing some Pork Shoulder with often copious amounts of Salt.

T​hat salty Meat is then smoked and cut into nice Slices that are then usually cooked in a thin Gravy. Or at least that is how it is done in my Family.

A​ bit of Kasseler.

A​ bit of Kasseler.

B​ut since we Germans also like our Side Dishes, and Potatoes, we usually have our Kasseler Braten with both those Things.

H​ere where I live, we usually serve the Dish with heaps of the tastiest Sauerkraut and a helping of Mashed Potatoes. This Time, we went with normal boiled Potatoes though. We just had had Mash a few Days before, with Leberkäse.

T​hose boiled Potatoes are also very good at soaking up the Gravy. It kinda turns them into a much simpler Mash, but it is also very delicious.

I​t was a bit salty.

I​t was a bit salty.

K​asseler Braten is usually very delicious, but it can also be overly Salty. Yesterday, it definitely was much too salty. I am not really a big Fan of that.

W​ith the Sauerkraut, it was still a very nice Meal though. The two complimenter each other perfectly, and the Potatoes also did their Part. I really did love it in the end.

B​ut I also think that we Germans eat way too much Pork.

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