Home cooking brought to you by
Home cooking brought to you by
- 'M​y' Maultaschen.

Q​uintessential German: Jane's Maultaschen

S​o someone got inspired to cook some Maultaschen.

A​ while ago, I posted an Article about a certain German Pasta Dish: Maultaschen. It was well received, and apparently ignited some 'I want to try that' Feelings in Foodtribes renowned Ramenologist, Jane Fyffe.

I​n between, she even hosted a Tribecoin Contest to guess a Dish she was cooking, wich I won unfairly, but still square. She then gave me a private Sneak Peak of her Maultaschen.

S​ince then, she has finally and publicly shared her Story here on Foodtribe, which means that I can also finally share my Thoughts on her Maultaschen. But first, leave Jane some Love on her Story:

A​ll I can say is: I am really impressed with what Jane was able to create. Her Maultaschen look delicious, and definitely better than mine. Those were also Store-Bought though.

I​ can not remember anyone in my Family ever hand making Maultaschen, or any Pasta at all. So I am actually a bit jealous.

I​ can to End this Post without a Piece of Advice though: While certainly 'similar' Dishes, Maultaschen are not German Ravioli. Anyone in Schwaben would be offended by that 'Translation'.

A​lso, please visit Jane's Post as well. She did very good.

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