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- With Knรถdel and Red Cabbage.

Quintessential German: My Mom makes a mean Gulasch

And yes, I know the OG Dish is from Hungary.

4d ago

Sometimes, Cultures like to absorb Things they like and turn it into their own. Sometimes they influence each other. And sometimes, they just blatantly copy something and call it their own.

That is exactly what happened with Germany and Gulasch. While the original Dish is from Hungary and more of a Stew, we took it and changed a lot about it.

There are still a few similarities, but in Essence Goulash and Gulasch are two different entities. Sadly, I never had the Original.

So good!

So good!

Luckily though, my Moms German Gulasch is actually really good. She usually uses small cut Meat instead of the huge chunks my Grandma and most of Germany do.

She also uses a spice mix that is a little closer to the real Deal with a lot of Hungarian powdered Paprika and a good helping of Red Wine. There are still no Vegetables in it though. In Germany, that would be a Gulasch Suppe.

In typical German Fashion, my Mom really loves it to serve Knรถdel and Rotkohl, that is Red Cabbage cooked with Wine and Apples. And it is delicious.

A bit overcooked.

A bit overcooked.

Usually, German Gulasch is known for having distinct chunks of Meat in it. This Time around, it got cooked a bit too long though and the Beef had become very tender and almost Pulled-Porkish.

I have to say: I really loved that. Personally, I would not even had elongated the โ€˜Sauceโ€™ by using some Gulasch Mix. But hey, it was still very delicious in the End.

If I ever get to go to Hungary though, I will have to try the Original.

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