- Some nice Maultaschen.

Quintessential German: Real Swabian Maultaschen is awesome!

Tasting the best Maultaschen I've ever had.

5w ago

A few weeks ago, I moved into the Schwarzwald to pursue new opportunities - and this weekend, my family came to visit.

Yesterday, we explored a lot. We visited my future hometown and a nearby ruined castle. It was a great day. However this left us obviously hungry and we needed to find a place for dinner.

After some deliberation, we did just that and found ourselves a nice little hiking restaurant.

With Onions!

With Onions!

Of course, we still needed to decide what to actually eat. Since we are not only in the Schwarzwald here, but also in Swabia, I went with a local speciality: Maultaschen, a traditional German pasta filled with mince.

Some ‘fresh’ Maultaschen.

Some ‘fresh’ Maultaschen.

While I have had Maultaschen before, those were usually frozen.

Having some delicious ’freshly made’ Mautaschen was definitely awesome. But that should be no surprise. What was a surprise, at least to me, was how good they actually were without being roasted. I actually did love them just the way they were.

Fresh, juicy and delicious.

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  • This looks so good

      1 month ago
  • I think I know what's for dinner.

      1 month ago
  • This is my kind of pasta Robin!

      1 month ago