Home cooking brought to you by
Home cooking brought to you by
- A​sparagus.

Q​uintessential German: We do love our Spargel

P​lenty of it.

I​ know. Asparagus is not unilaterally German. In Fact, it is enjoyed all over the World. But here, it is something different.

E​very Year, multiple Farm Hands flock into Germany to collect the Asparagus we eat. And that is a lot of Work. There were even exemptions put in Place because of Covid. That is how much we love our (white) Asparagus, or Spargel, as we call it.

T​he self-proclaimed Asparagus Capital of the World lies in Germany, after all. And we do have a Spargel-Königin. (> read more)

W​ith Schnitzel and a Hollandaise.

W​ith Schnitzel and a Hollandaise.

T​he most popular way to enjoy Spargel, at least here in the Harz where I live, is to have it with Schnitzel, Potatoes and plenty of Hollandaise. It is very delicious.

A​nother Popular Combination is with melted Butter and cooked Ham. Or any Combination of the Two. Potatoes however are pretty much a must.

N​eedless to Say, I love my Spargel with Schnitzel. And plenty of Sauce.

P​lenty of Sauce.

P​lenty of Sauce.

T​raditionally, we Germans definitely prefer white Spargel. And usually, we just eat it when it is in Season, which lasts from mid April to around June 24. I have no Idea why the End Date is set so precisely, but the beginning of the Season obviously coincides with the Weather at the Time.

R​egardless, we always eat tons of the Stuff. And when my Grandma Cooks it, that usually also means that there is Spargelsuppe on the Horizon. We really do try to limit Waste.

(​I do not enjoy the Aftermath of a nice Spargel Feast though. That just reeks.)

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