QUIZ: 5 questions that will tell you where you want to be tonight

1w ago

How does getting dressed up - or dressed - sound?

  • Meh
  • Sure, I'll chuck on a blazer
  • I'd like to be in swim wear, actually
  • I mean, a suit/my best dress would be great

Extroverted or introverted, right now?

  • Did someone say board game? No? Well, could we?
  • I'd love my favourite book and my earphones just about now
  • Right now? I kinda want Maccas

How much do you want to eat?

  • Sure, I'll have a little Prosciutto and cheese platter... with my wine
  • 5 courses, and yet, the complete opposite of an all-you-can-eat buffet
  • A really nice burger, then some cocktails
  • All my favourite snacks, and a box of tissues. No I won't eat the tissues but just leave them there
  • Pizza, with lots of chorizo, and beer
  • 25 McNuggets

How quiet do you want your evening to be?

  • Just me, to be honest. I like me.
  • A handful of mates, and by handful I mean almost all of them
  • Nothing riotous, but I'm happy to go out
  • I just want a beautiful view and some quiet music

Pick your music right now

  • Heaven Is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle
  • Take This Waltz by Leonard Cohen
  • Karma Chameleon by Boy George/Culture Club
  • Could be Bach, could be Gershwin, but it's a distant piano and I love it
  • My own playlist, with no judgements

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Comments (214)

  • Fine dining. It's quiet, the ice cream is made with hay and there's a piano somewhere

      5 months ago
    • And there’s an Australian throwing pants (aka underwear) everywhere

        5 months ago
    • As if, they're being shot from underneath the tablecloth

        5 months ago
  • Fine dining. It's quiet, the ice cream is made with hay and there's a piano somewhere

      5 months ago
  • On a wicker chair, with a wine, watching the sun set over a vineyard

      5 months ago
  • At home, in your PJs, watching Netflix

      5 months ago
  • At Maccas, at 9pm, by yourself

      5 months ago
    • Yikes, I’m not sure what this says about me as a person, but I can never say no to Maccas and some solitude.

        5 months ago
    • I'm not judging, I had to dodge my own algorithms to avoid getting it

        5 months ago