Q​uiz: Answer these questions and we'll guess your favourite chocolate bar

13w ago

W​hat was the last thing you ate before taking this quiz?

  • 🍫​ Chocolate, of course
  • 🍕​ Pizza
  • 🤔​ I can't remember
  • 🍽​ Something else

W​hich of these fruits is your favourite?

  • 🍎​ Apple
  • 🥭​ Mango
  • 🍊​ Orange
  • 🍌​ Banana

C​risps or chips?

  • I​t's obviously crisps
  • C​hips

W​hich of these crisp flavours would you most like to try?

W​hich would you rather have as a pet?

  • 🐘​ A rabbit-sized elephant
  • 🐇​ An elephant-sized rabbit

C​hoose a drink to have while walking your new pet

C​hoose a reward to have after your long walk

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