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Quiz: Choose between different foods and we'll tell you where you should live

3w ago

[Photo from Tim Stief on Unsplash]

It's hot out and you're by the beach, but you want one of your five-a-day. Choose some fruit.

  • Kiwi
  • Apple
  • Banana

It's a cold day and you need a drink. What will you go for?

  • Hot chocolate, keep it sweet.
  • I'll have a nice coffee.
  • Cold day? Where I live? Preposterous. I'll have a cocktail.
  • Any hot drink if I can make it 'Irish'

You've just walked into a classic American diner. Choose one of the specials.

  • Chicken dippers
  • Cheese buger
  • 32oz steak

You came to London on your holiday. Choose just one traditional English food/drink to eat the whole time you're there.

  • Scone
  • Yorkshire pudding
  • English breakfast tea
  • Full English breakfast

You going for a walk around where you live. What snack and drink will you take?

  • A flask of mimosa and an ice cream
  • A takeaway coffee and a bagel
  • A sandwich made of homemade bread and a flask of homemade soup
  • A slice of cake and a flask of coffee
  • I'll probably just take the car. Actually, I've got that thing tonight. You know, that thing... *leaves apologetically*
  • A bottle of flat lemonade and a chocolate bar
  • I refuse to go for a walk, Joseph. Stop asking.

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      24 days ago
    • I do steadfastly refuse to go for a walk. You take a walk - but not on my land, or I'll be liable to shoot, by Jupiter

        24 days ago
    • Ha. Somehow I knew you'd get that option.

        24 days ago
  • By the lake

      24 days ago
    • By the Lake would be great 😊

      Actually, I would also love that Cabin right there.

        24 days ago
    • Same here:)

        24 days ago
  • In the city

      24 days ago

      24 days ago

      24 days ago