Home cooking brought to you by
Home cooking brought to you by

QUIZ: Choose between different foods and we'll tell you what car you suit best

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Would you ever be seen eating caviar?

  • Obviously!
  • Haha, no.
  • If someone else was paying!

Choose a dish

  • A burger
  • Gourmet boiled lobster
  • Apple pie
  • Steak

What, in your opinion, would be the best thing to add to this coffee?

  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Cream
  • A biscuit/cookie

You arrive here, what you ordering?

  • Guinness
  • I'm the designated driver!
  • Wine
  • Expensive Gin and Tonics

You're offered £100 for any meal you like. What you going for?

  • 19 Large Big Macs
  • I'd take the money
  • Seriously? More stupid options?

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