Quiz: Do you know how these coffee drinks are made?

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What is meant by "black" coffee?

  • Coffee with no cream, sugar, or other additives
  • A drink that is half coffee and half espresso
  • Coffee brewed from extra roasted beans

How many ounces are in a single shot of espresso?

  • 1 ounce
  • 2 ounces
  • .5 ounce

What is in a basic latte?

  • 1/3 espresso, 2/3 steamed milk, some frothed milk
  • 2/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, some frothed milk
  • 1/2 espresso, 1/2 steamed milk, no frothed milk

True or false: Nitrogen gas is used to make nitro brew coffee

  • True
  • False

What are the two main ingredients in an Americano?

  • Espresso and hot water
  • Espresso and simple syrup
  • Brewed coffee and sugar

To make a mocha, you can't forget to add...

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla bean
  • Whipped cream

What is the special method used to make dalgona coffee?

  • Whip the coffee
  • Freeze the coffee
  • Brew the coffee three times

What is the difference between a cappuccino and macchiato?

  • A cappuccino has steamed milk, a macchiato has a splash of plain milk
  • A cappuccino is smaller than a macchiato
  • A cappuccino has a much stronger flavor than a macchiato

An affogato is made by pouring espresso over...

  • Ice cream
  • Butter
  • Shaved ice

How much espresso is a doppio?

  • 2 ounces
  • 4 ounces
  • None

True or false: Cold brew is hot coffee that has been cooled with ice.

  • True
  • False

Is a flat white smaller or bigger than a regular latte?

  • Smaller
  • Bigger

Which type of alcohol is used in Irish coffee?

  • Irish whiskey
  • Vanilla flavored vodka
  • Kahlúa

In an espresso con panna, what does "con panna" mean?

  • With cream
  • Without sugar
  • With brown sugar

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