Quiz: Find out which really useful kitchen gadget you should buy next…

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    There are some things you might buy for the kitchen, put in a drawer, and never use again. But not these gadgets! These simple and small gadgets have the power to change your life. Which one is the best for you? Find out with our quick quiz.

    What’s the most annoying problem in the kitchen?

    • Can't open jars...
    • Getting in a mess...
    • Not having enough space...
    • Too much single-use plastic...
    • I can never get the last bit out of jars...

    How well-equipped is your kitchen?

    • I've got all the tools, probably even the one you'll recommend
    • I've got the basics!
    • I'm space saving, so trying to cut back on how much I've got

    Are you good at multi-tasking?

    • Yes, I'm amazing
    • Kinda... when I need to be
    • Nope, I'm awful

    How much do you care about sustainability?

    • A lot, it's really important
    • It's on my mind, but I don't know what I can do personally
    • I should care more...
    • Not much...

    What's your go-to lunch choice?

    • Sandwich
    • Soup
    • Jacket potato
    • Nibbles
    • Leftovers

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