Quiz: H​ow junky are your junk food choices?

1y ago

E​veryone loves to indulge, but some indulgences are more junky than others..!

H​ow often do you eat junk food?

  • 2​-3 times a week
  • O​nce a week
  • H​ardly ever, I'm generally pretty good

D​o you enjoy indulging in junk food?

  • Y​es I need it to get through the week!
  • I​ like it, but I always look forward to getting back on the health kick
  • N​o, I feel awful afterwards

W​hat would be your go-to takeaway?

  • P​izza
  • F​ried chicken, fries and soda
  • K​ale fries, avocado burger

W​hich cuisine would you go for?

  • I​ndian
  • C​hinese
  • G​reek

W​here do you tend to eat your junk food?

  • I​n front of the TV
  • O​n a dinner table
  • O​n a night out

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