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QUIZ: How strict were table manners in your household?

1y ago

Firstly, did your family eat together at the table?

  • Yes, most evenings
  • Sometimes
  • Not really, TV > chat

How often were you told to put it down and eat with a knife and fork?

  • Every meal
  • Rarely, I was quick at whipping salad into my mouth
  • Never

Were you allowed to blow your nose at the table?

  • Nobody said anything, if it was done quietly
  • Goodness no

Dinner's finished. Did you have to ask to be excused?

  • Leaving the table was like leaving the runway. Full clearance necessary
  • Sometimes. Usually when guests were over
  • Nah

Pick an average mealtime conversation

  • The day's happenings, a bit of fact-checking, a brief parental inquiry, and moodiness that boiled over during the dishes
  • Positive subjects. Anyone who tried to bring in the disgusting or the controversial was warned once
  • Anything went. Though talking about vomit drew a GAH NOT NOW

Were you allowed to turn up to the table in whatever you wanted?

  • Combed hair and a washed face
  • Kinda. A comment might be made, but I probably wouldn't be sent back to my room
  • Unless it was particularly dirty or undergarmenty
  • Yep

Elbows on the table - no or meh?

  • No
  • Not when guests were over, of course
  • Meh

You didn't finish all your dinner. What were you normally told?

  • "You're not getting down until you finish it"
  • "Fine, but no dessert and you're having it tomorrow for lunch"
  • "Another two mouthfuls and you can leave the rest"
  • "No problem Skyla"

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