Quiz: these 8 questions will tell you your baking ego

7w ago

Honestly. How often do you bake?

  • Multiple times a week, cmon. I'm not buying pastries.
  • Er, a few times a month.
  • I very rarely bake and when I do, it's heroic

You slightly burn your cookies, but your friend calls them charcoal. How do you feel?

  • Eh, I knew they were burnt
  • I would probably burst into tears
  • I don't burn my cookies
  • I laugh, but inwardly I imagine their head in the oven

Which are you, when you're not making something completely unfamiliar?

  • THE PLAYER - I follow the recipe implicitly. I measure everything. That oven is exactly 200.00 C
  • THE IMPROVISER - I follow the recipe loosely. There's a bit of me in every recipe, and yes, that means more choc chips
  • THE COMPOSER: I'm an artist in the kitchen. I bake my own things up all the time

How much would you spend on a baking tray?

  • $40 or more - I want my trays to last forever and I will not have my cake RUINED by a bad tray
  • Give me bargain basement stuff, I don't bake often enough
  • $10 - $30 I guess. If it's what I need.

There's a work morning tea! How much do you show off?

  • I am making a Black Forest cake and bringing little plates
  • Some Penguin biscuits, I swear I forgot
  • A plate of brownies I've never tried before. Simple and sound recipe though

What do you bake the most?

  • Muffins! Or cupcakes. Or something new in the book!
  • Cookies. Like Rick Astley, they never let you down
  • Cakes. I bake everyone cakes. Fair sure it was the only reason I was invited to Ty and Kala's wedding...
  • Pastries. They're easy when you know how, and so rewarding
  • Bread, actually

Are you inwardly and secretly hard on other people's baking?

  • I frequently pick up biscuits and don't really enjoy them
  • It's neither inward nor secret. I give baking advice to my friends, alright. It changes their life
  • I find baked goods taste better when someone else does it!
  • Well, I can be

Don't worry, it's just you and the quiz. What's your greatest baking fear?

  • Burning it. I swear it's our oven
  • Watching it fail in the oven and gaslighting yourself over what step you got wrong
  • Running out of a damn ingredient at that vital juncture
  • That it'll go perfectly, but people won't like the result
  • Fear is for the uninformed and unprepared

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Comments (113)

  • You have a big baking ego

      1 month ago
  • You have a big baking ego

      1 month ago
  • Low. You need some more baking confidence, probably

      1 month ago
  • You have a big baking ego

      1 month ago
  • You have a big baking ego

      1 month ago
    • The ego's not big, I just have to bake a lot. Though the Great British Bakeoff does have its funny moments...

        1 month ago
    • DENIAL

        1 month ago