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    Quiz: We'll tell you how picky you are based on whether you'd eat these foods

    28w ago


    Hákarl – rotten shark

    • Absolutely not
    • Sounds gross, but maybe
    • I'll give it a go
    • Whatever, I'm hungry

    Century egg

    • Ew, no
    • If I absolutely must
    • Sure, OK
    • I've eaten it already and will have another please

    Escargots – snails

    • You're kidding?
    • I've heard of that... maybe I'll give it a try
    • What's the worst that can happen?
    • I snack on these all the time

    Bird's nest soup (made from swiftlet saliva)

    • Why do people eat this?
    • I know it's going to be weird but I'll take a tiny bit
    • Sure, I love a taste of Asia
    • It's soup, what's the big deal?

    Fugu (it's pufferfish – and if prepared incorrectly, it's poisonous)

    • Not only is it gross, it's dangerous – nope
    • Is it cooked safely? Maybe i'll have a small bite
    • That sounds adventurous. Yes!
    • I eat fish all the time – of course!

    Rocky mountain oysters (despite the name, these are deep fried bull's testicles)

    • So gross they can't even call it what it is
    • It looks like a big chicken nugget but I bet it's disgusting. I'll try it
    • If we are going to eat the whole animal, that should include the balls. Yes please
    • It's basically beef

    Shirako – cod testes

    • What is it with you and reproductive organs?
    • I accidentally had it and it was OK
    • Oh, like sushi!
    • Again, it's basically fish... what's the problem?

    Sweetbread – the thymus or pancreas of a cow/lambs

    • So we are eating glands now?
    • It was tasty. I didn't realise what it was
    • If it's good enough for fine dining, it's good enough for me
    • I'd stick it in a sandwich and never even think to mention it


    • I would run away from that or swat it with a rolled up newspaper
    • One jumped into my mouth once. It wasn't disgusting
    • All my friends have tried them, and I definitely would
    • It's just protein – and better for the planet, too

    Bheja – fried goat brain

    • There is just no need
    • I know it's going to be weird but I'll taste it
    • I'm all about trying new things
    • No point in it going to waste!

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