Quiz: W​hat cheese are you?

1y ago

Strong and well-aged? Fruity and fun? Or a bit salty? Take this quiz and we'll tell you what cheese you are.

W​hat wine would you choose?

  • W​hite
  • R​ed
  • R​ose
  • C​hampagne
  • I​ hate wine

H​ow often do you eat cheese?

  • E​very day
  • O​nce a week
  • O​nly in restaurants
  • O​nly on special occasions

W​hat would you pair with your cheese?

  • C​rackers
  • Nothing – cheese is perfect by itself
  • I​n a sandwich
  • O​n a salad
  • W​arm with bread

W​hat do your tastebuds enjoy?

  • Very mild
  • M​ild to strong
  • I​ love a hit!
  • D​epends what I'm eating...

W​here would most likely to be found?

  • M​cDonald's
  • G​reek restaurant
  • F​rench restaurant
  • A p​ub

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