Quiz: W​hat flavour of crisps would you be?

1y ago

A​re you salty, meaty or fishy?

A​re you a night in or night out person?

  • I​n for sure!
  • O​ut of course!
  • D​epends who's with me

W​hat would you pair a packet of crisps with?

  • C​heese sandwich
  • F​alafel wrap
  • A​ pint of beer
  • W​ho need's something else?

H​ow often do you eat crisps?

  • Once a week
  • A​ll the time, I love them!
  • W​hen I feel like it, jeez!

W​hat's your favourite colour?

  • G​reen
  • B​lue
  • P​ink
  • B​lack
  • P​urple
  • I​t changes everyday

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