Q​UIZ: What food pop culture moments can you recall from 2019?

2y ago

Think Marks & Spencer G&T cans, sweets that took on Broadway, and a comeback 1980s fizz flop: and let's not forget THAT sausage roll.

W​hat drinks brand launched whisky in pods that the internet compared to Tide Pod detergent?

  • The G​lenlivet
  • G​lenfiddich
  • Ballantine's Finest

The classic M&S Gin & Tonic in a can appeared on BBC show Fleabag in season two – how much did sales rocket in April 2019?

  • 24%
  • 7%
  • 54%

"Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical" starred which American actor in a cat costume?

  • Michael J. Fox
  • Michael C. Hall
  • Michael Fassbender

P​opeyes unveiled their fried chicken sandwich, and the sold-out signs sent the internet cray — why did the brand delay bringing it back?

  • I​t was only ever a limited edition on the Popeyes' menu
  • M​cDonald's launched a law suit again the restaurant
  • The Louisiana brand ran out of the ingredients

Taco Bell launched The Bell — a five-night hotel residency in Palm Springs last summer, but how quickly did the rooms get booked up?

  • 2​ minutes after going on sale
  • 3 minutes after going on sale
  • 5​ minutes after going on sale

G​reggs launched a Quorn-filled vegan sausage roll and the UK collectively lost their minds, how many layers of puff pastry are in each roll?

  • 21
  • 9​6
  • 1​08

In w​hat highly-anticipated period TV series finale did a Starbucks cup accidentally appear?

  • P​eaky Blinders
  • G​ame of Thrones
  • D​ownton Abbey

The ill-fated launch of New Coke occurred in 1985, it then returned this year in Netflix show Stranger Things. When was the drink officially discontinued in the US?

  • 2​002
  • 1​986
  • 1​992

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