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Quiz: W​hat grain are you?

1y ago

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M​erchant Gourmet ingredients are sourced from all over the world and packaged as dried grains and pulses, cooked grain pouches and a range of ‘ready to add’ ingredients. But we want to know is which nutritious grain do you identify with the most?

S​aturday nights were made for what?

  • Dancing
  • R​eading
  • D​ining out
  • G​ym sessions
  • M​oonlit walks

Your favourite summer activity?

  • H​iking in the mountains
  • B​each runs
  • D​rinking rose with friends
  • S​wimming in the sea
  • L​ife admin

A​ll time favourite cocktail base?

  • M​ezcal
  • I​ prefer wine
  • A​rak
  • G​reen juice
  • G​in

A​ night in is best for?

  • I​nviting friends over
  • Resting after a work out
  • N​etflix binges
  • D​ancing naked
  • C​ooking

Y​our favourite comfort food?

  • F​ondue
  • Potatoes
  • S​hawarma
  • T​acos
  • C​heese on toast
  • Tapas

What's your ideal holiday?

  • R​eading on a beach
  • Ibiza bootcamp
  • L​ondon baby!
  • N​ew York
  • F​rench Riviera

W​hat's top of your bucket list?

  • Run a marathon
  • H​eli-ski
  • V​olunteer
  • T​ravel to Europe
  • S​ky dive in Dubai

W​hat does 'heat' mean to you?

  • E​verything to every meal
  • M​y hot water bottle
  • F​eel the burn in the gym
  • S​moking meats
  • Melting cheese

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