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Pizza brought to you by

Quiz: What is your perfect pizza oven? Wood fired, gas, or a bit of both?

3w ago

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Pizza is the perfect food for... well, pretty much everything. But have you ever wondered what the best way to cook your own pizza is, exactly how you like it? Ooni has a range of amazing pizza ovens, and we can guarantee this quiz will help you find your perfect match.

Let’s start things off with a simple one. What’s your favourite pizza topping?

  • A simple margarita, you can’t beat it!
  • A meat feat, with the most amount of meat you could possibly pile on
  • Pepperoni is always my go to, maybe with some jalapeños if I’m feeling brave
  • Grilled veg, caramelised onions, goats cheese… you know the drill, as gourmet as it comes!

It’s Monday. You’ve woken up late, and you have half an hour to get to work, but you are STARVING. What do you do?

  • Skip the damn meal – my stomach can wait but my boss will not!
  • EXCUSE ME, there is no way I'm missing my morning routine. My french pastries will still be eaten in my own good time
  • Throw in a quick slice of toast and eat it on the commute: not ideal but it does the job!
  • Grab the largest cup of black coffee your local café is capable of making en route and hope that gets you to lunch

Your family are having a massive summer barbecue. What food item are your praying will be on the menu?

  • A classic beef burger
  • Potato salad: it’s a religion
  • Any kind of chicken. Drumsticks, skewers, a whole one - it’s mine.
  • Maybe some grilled salmon with a nice chilli marinade? Too much?
  • I just want pizza.

You’re playing cards with your friends, and you win, so you get to choose the next round of shots. What are you having?

  • Tequila – always makes things interesting
  • I hate shots, it’ll be a water for me
  • Sourz are always an easy (but deadly) choice…
  • Isn’t Jaeger the only option?

We’re all allowed to travel again (IMAGINE!). Where are you next jetting off?

  • A relaxed food and wine filled trip to Italy
  • A swanky trip down to the south of France. Gotta get that St Tropez glow!
  • It MUST be Ibiza, the partier inside me has been suppressed for too long!
  • Travelling by motorbike around Bali, living my best bohemian life

When you order a pizza, what’s your go-to?

  • Domino’s every time!
  • Pizza Hut
  • My local Italian restaurant
  • I never order pizza, I always make from scratch!

Your mum buys you a houseplant for your birthday. Be honest, how long is it surviving?

  • It’ll be dead before my birthday is even over
  • How very dare you? I’ve only ever killed 9… out of 10
  • That plant will outlive me. I am the houseplant whisperer
  • There may be a few casualties and moments of neglect, but the plant will survive. For now

You have to remove one from your cooked breakfast, forever. What do you choose?

  • Mushrooms, I’ve never seen the appeal
  • HOW CAN I CHOOSE? Every element is just as important as the rest
  • Toast – if you have hash browns AND fried bread, is it necessary?
  • Unpopular opinion, but beans... the devil’s food!

You’re going camping with your friends. What are you taking with you?

  • EVERYTHING. Huge tent, blow up bed, pillows, fairy lights, my pizza oven. Who says camping can’t be luxurious?
  • Just my trusty hammock, I want to sleep under the stars!
  • Camping? I’ll be staying at home in my nice comfy bed thank you very much.
  • As long as I’ve got my pizza oven and beer, I’m happy. Who needs sleep?!

What’s your perfect idea of a night in?

  • Pizza, wine and a good documentary
  • Bubble bath, a good book and an early night
  • A couple of friends, beer and poker!
  • Opening my favourite recipe book and spending the evening in the kitchen with my favourite album blasting loud!

Before your delicious results, would you like to find out more about Ooni's pizza ovens?

  • Yes please, gimme a pizza that
  • No thank you, I'd just like to see which one is right for me

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