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Quiz: W​hat kind of Valentine are you?

1y ago

V​alentine's Day is fast approaching. Find out whether you're a happy single-pringle who's content with a tub of ice cream and a trashy film, or a gushy romantic who wants everything: flowers, chocolates, wine, the grand gesture.

W​hat dessert are you most likely to be seen with?

  • C​hocolate Fondant
  • S​trawberries and cream
  • M​ixed fruit salad
  • A​pple Pie
  • A​lcohol

What food do you mostly associate with Valentine's day?

  • Boxes of C​hocolate
  • H​eart-shaped Cookies
  • W​ine
  • A​ decadent restaurant meal

W​hat restaurant would you take a first date?

  • A​ Chinese
  • A F​rench
  • I​ wouldn't - I'd go straight to the bar
  • A​ Michelin Star
  • I​'d cook!

R​ed or White Wine?

  • R​ed Wine
  • W​hite Wine
  • Umm...B​eer

D​o you believe in aphrodisiac foods?

  • O​f course! Valentine's day includes all of them!
  • I​ don't think so, Oysters are simply Oysters
  • W​hat are aphrodisiacs?

C​an food be romantic?

  • Y​es, it can express how you feel for someone
  • I​t depends on your relationship
  • F​ood says many things but it wouldn't be the main factor of the day
  • N​o, it's all about words

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