Quiz: What Nando's spice level are you?

1y ago

Deciding which Nando's spice level represents you best as a person is about far more than what your taste buds desire. This quiz will determine which spicy sauce is truly right for you, through a complex and well-considered set of questions...

Someone gives you a gift you don't like. What do you do?

  • Graciously accept, try to convince yourself you like it
  • Graciously accept, then promptly regift
  • Politely ask for the receipt
  • Get angry and tell them that a true friend should know them well enough to pick the right thing

You stumble in the street. Not a full face-plant but you have to run a few feet to keep yourself from falling. What now?

  • Laugh aloud to communicate to nearby people that you take this kind of thing in your stride.
  • Allow yourself to fall to the ground and be tended to by kind and gentle strangers
  • Continue as if nothing happened
  • Get the attention of everyone nearby and insist that as far as everyone is concerned, that did not happen

You realise your food hasn't arrived and it's been 40 minutes. What's the next step?

  • Sit tight and be patient
  • Throw glances to the waiter to non-verbally communicate your hunger and impatience
  • Call the waiter over and check the order's been processed
  • Make a scene and insist this meal is on the house
  • Threaten to make a scene and insist this meal is on the house
  • Make a scene and leave, loudly declaring the fact that you won't be coming here again

Your drinking buddy is going teetotal. What do you do?

  • Say 'fair enough' and leave it at that
  • Say 'fair enough' and start thinking who else you can hang out with
  • Grill them as to why, trying to convince them to return to their old ways
  • Tell them life's too short for that kind of behaviour

You grab the last bag of pasta in the supermarket at the very same time as another shopper. What now?

  • Allow them to have it
  • Ask them if there's any reason they deserve this pasta more than you do in an attempt to work out who needs it most
  • Glare and grab
  • Lie and say you're desperate for this: you've got an entire extended Italian family coming round this evening
  • They snatch it; you snatch it back. A tug of war ensues.

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